Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Long Weekend

This weekend was WFTDA western regionals and it was a painfully long weekend. Duke city derby's Munecas Muertas went in to the tournament 6th and left 6th.

It was really difficult to be away from Autumn and Adam, and I was very emotional. I was disappointed that even though I go to almost every practice I had not improved more. It is really annoying when you work harder than you have ever worked and are not seeing the improvement you expect, and then to top it off you are overly emotional. It is all related to some kind of health issue that should be a hormonal imbalance and I THINK is hypothyroid. I am suffering from a meriad of symptoms including extreme difficulty concentrating, fatigue, moodiness and irritability as well as being much too sensitive, and that is only a few. The thing that is really hard for me is that I feel like no one believes me. Maybe because before I experienced it I would not have believed someone that said they were working hard and not seeing any fruits of thier labor. I have been waiting about three months for an appointment because we had to wait for our new insurance to kick in and then we had to wait almost 2 months for an appointment.

I am glad to be home.

Sorry for the downer, here are some cute baby pictures to make up for it :)
This is why Grandpa Howard (my dad) calls Autumn "The Tornado"

Yes, that actually is a mini burrito that Autumn is eating :)


  1. I totally understand how you feel!! I usually have about 5 days a month where concentrating on anything is hard. It seems that I just run around, get tired, but nothing has been accomplished. Of course I'm 47, so menopause is totally an option. It's definitely hormonal!
    Hope you get it all figured out - you are a bit young for this I think.

  2. It sounds definitely something hormonal. That's a bummer it took so long to get an appointment, but I hope they can figure it out for you.


  3. Your cute little "Tornado" is a happy girl, love the pictures. :)