Monday, October 12, 2009

Has it been a whole week already!?!

I missed a few posts last week.

I'm sorry... I was a little distracted.

I had another interesting weekend. I felt sick again for most of it, but it would seem that this weekend it was because I am coming down with a cold or something.

On friday I can't remember what I did. Saturday we were lucky! My dad and his wife babysat Autumn almost all day! Adam got to work in his forge, and I got to get crafty with some arm warmers. We also enjoyed a hike together, and were glad not to have the baby because it ment we could climb on rocks that we couldn't climb on if we were pushing a stroller around. Dinner together at Gardunios was fun and yummy. We came back home and worked in our respective" shops" a little more. A friend of mine was having an awesome Science themed party, that I wanted to go to, but was not feeling up to. By the end of Saturday I missed autumn terribly!

On Sunday the Munecas Muertas (roller derby travel team) had a team meeting to pick a new captain. I was not even planning to run, but I have some great ideas and skater Killer Queen encouraged me to run with her. Our ideas are in line so I thought we would be a great pair. Now Killer Queen and I ( my skate name is Doom Dee DOom) are the new travel team captains. I was planning on voting for Amanda Jammitinya, the other person who ran. I think she would have also been a great captain, and I really hope she is very involved with helping run this team this season. I especially hope she helps with off-skates drills... and she can body block like a madwoman, so I hope she can teach us all that too.

I have also been making lots of arm warmers. I put two pairs up last thursday and they had both sold before saturday, making it a pretty good etsy week. I am considering also selling blank arm warmers, what do you think?


  1. Cute arm warmers! Blank ones would be nice too depending on the yarn color/texture.

    So you're on a roller derby team, cool!

  2. Very cute! I think blank ones would also be nice and your little girl is so cute!

  3. Autumn is beautful!

    Love the skull arm warmers!

    Following you now