Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Planning a first....

Autumns first birthday is in about a month! I am planning a party but I have never done this before! I would love suggestions!

Also, I am interested in buying gifts and party supplies but just searching on etsy is like an abyss, so any suggestions there would be highly apreciated!

Also, she is a very big, TALL baby.

Oh! last night was exciting! She WALKED! She has taken a few steps here and there many times, but last night she walked about 12 feet! She was trying to chase a cat!


  1. Happy first b-day, Autumn! Eep! I'd start with a handmade banner and cupcakes! lol


  2. Hi Erica, congrats to Autumn on her 1st B.Day! :) And a beautiful name by the way :)

    Definitely keep things simple, you are going to have years more of really busy parties (speaking from a LOT of experience) so enjoy this one, they do not remember their 1st (it really is more for you :) Thanks for all your positive comments on my blogs, Have a wonderful day! Regards, T.