Monday, October 19, 2009

Snippets of Life

This is an exchange my husband and I had this weekend, it is a little corny, but funny.

Erica: (to Adam and Autumn) I sure love my family! Autumn you are the sweetest baby(Autumn nods yes) and Adam, you are the most wonderful husband! I wouldn't trade you guys for the whole world!

Adam: well you know you can have the world too...

Erica: (makes inquisitive look)

Adam: The world is your oyster. (points finger to sky)

Erica: (groan) ha ha... too bad I don't like oysters.

Adam: yeah, me either.

Erica: So can the world be my bacon instead???....

Also, I made a Treasury last night of recycled and upcycled etsy finds! Check it out here while it lasts:

And I did make a Tutu this weekend as planned. It was fun and easy and I intent to post a TUtuTorial (snicker) some time this week.

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