Monday, October 26, 2009

And now I am addicted..

I bought some make-up on etsy from PoshWashSoap... and I think I'm Addicted. I bought
pale Bronze, Sparkling Merlot, and Black Diamond eye shadow and I love them all. they are all great basics to have in your make-up box. The Light bronze is a peachy color that just adds some light shimmer for days that I dont want to look too made up. The Black diamond creats some super hot smokey eyes and the Sparkling Merlot looks great with brown shades.

I recieved a coupon in my package and now I am trying to put together a christmas order.

These items are packaged beautifully and look SO professional. It is also an incredible value! An eyeshadow is only $2.95 a pot and she is usually running sale.

I tried to get you all some good pictures of how it looks on, but it is hard to capture the Luxe shimmer of these lovely shadows.

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