Monday, October 4, 2010

An Update


It has been an inexcusably long time since my last blog post. I have been busy, but really- everyone is busy-so here is a quick recap of what has been going on, with random photos intermittently placed.

I am having a little difficulty seeing right now, I am waiting for some clear sunlight so I can burn one of my new shirt designs. That has resulted in me staring (albeit through cloud cover) at the sun much more than is appropriate. (by the way, before I finished the preceding sentence I got just enough sunlight to burn one screen. Awesome. Still cant see though. )

Last time I wrote a blog, I was pregnant. Sadly I experienced the very common occurrence of a miscarriage. Unfortunately, just because miscarriages are frequent, does not make them any easier. I really wanted to have another baby and was very disappointed. We are currently "trying" to get pregnant again. I have not skated, I haven't really felt up to it, but I am thinking about practicing for the next few weeks so that I can play in the last game of our season, and continue to play roller derby until I get pregnant again. To add insult to injury, my body freaked out again as soon as I got pregnant and I gained at least 30 lbs in that month. It is really frustrating.
Autumn is doing well, she is crazy cute and does new fun things all the time. We have started her watching some educational programs on netflix because admittedly Adam and I occasionally need a reprieve from the rambunctious -almost- two year old. It seems like she is a little addicted though. One of the first things she asks for when she wakes up is "dora?" as in dora the explorer. You would think without a TV we would be able to keep autumn from falling in love with TV shows, but I guess not. On the other hand it has taught Autumn quite a lot. She can actually count from 1-11. Sometimes she even gets all the way to twelve!
Adam Got promoted to acting director of natural resources, which is very exciting. I also took the leap and decided to "quit my day job". Caustic threads has been VERY busy lately, and I expect that it will continue to get busier as Christmas approaches. I have gained the interest of several boutiques, and am working with one in Albuquerque. Until now she has been buying items at a wholesale discount, but she is interested in offering a wider variety of my items than her budget allows, so we are working on a consignment agreement. Awesome. One of my goals for this working from home change is to write blogs daily, however, if today is any indication I may not have time even now.
See you all tomorrow.



  1. It is so sad about the miscarraige. I know you are hurting.

    Autumn is a beautiful girl. Dora the Explorer isn't so bad.

    That is great about CausticThreads doing so well and the consignment opportunity! Yay!

    Caustic Threads is featured on my blog today :-)


  2. Erica, it is so nice to see you back blogging. Truly sorry to hear about the miscarriage and it is important to take the time to grieve. You are right they are common but it doesn't make it any easier to deal with.

    You have a beautiful Daughter in Autumn and I am sure you will have more children soon.

    It is wonderful news about Caustic Threads, I knew you would be successful you are so talented. Congrats and wishing you well, regards, T. :)