Friday, October 29, 2010

Feature Friday: ♥ Happy Halloween ♥

I really love many of these items, and although this treasury is Halloween inspired I would definitely wear and use these items all year round. I am really in love with the bra up at the top. They are something I have been interested in making, but have been a little worried that they were too hard. I know that is silly, and almost everything that I think is too hard turns out to be easier than expected, but making bras is really intimidating. I also love the fabric that seller chose, it is really unique.The bat headband is also especially sweet and I think the painting is too cute.
This weekend is Halloween, and I have no costume, and this is one of the first years I really am not interested in dressing up. We got a pumpkin costume for autumn, so we will take her out trick or treating on sunday, and that will be fun... or cold... but probably both. I also decided to play in Duke City Derby's championship bout, which will be VERY fun.
ok Folks,
Have an awesome weekend!

Things I love: Halloween edition

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