Monday, October 11, 2010

A lovely weekend

Happy Monday folks! I am enjoying the postal holiday because although I am working today I did not have to get any packages ready to ship. On one hand I am VERY happy to have orders to ship, but it is sure nice to get a little break!

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Saturday we woke to an unfamiliar noise. It was the last day of the international balloon fiesta and there were hot air balloons flying right over our house! Autumn was so excited watching them fly right over us!

(autumn with daddy's keys)

my Dad babysat Autumn on Saturday and Adam and I both did something very unusual. Other than packaging and a trip to the post office, We didn't work. We spent the WHOLE day together. It was really fun. I actually felt a little guilty about not working with all of the deadlines I have coming up.
(autumn and adam looking at a lizard the cats brought in)

We biked around town and went to the Rio Grande arts and crafts fair. Part of the reason we went was because we wanted to scope out the scene and see if it would be a good fit for us, and obviously the other reason we went was to see some awesome artisans. I didn't feel like my items fit in there at all, although because my tees are SO different from anything at the fair they may do well, you just never know. The fair seemed geared towards an older crowd. I think Adams knives would be a good fit but I don't know if he really has the inventory for it. we bought some really yummy honey comb and also some homemade pasta, and almost bought a print from one of the artists. Later that evening we went out to dinner with or friends bill and rocketpants.

(a new screen I burned, this is a scan of the drawing on photocopy mode)

Sunday I made up for not working on Saturday by seriously busting ass. I Got 4 more damas dresses from just being cut out to being almost ready for fitting and I plan to contact my former co- worker to tell her she can bring the girls over this weekend. I sure hope there are no major issues with fit! I also got to sewing the wedding dress I am making for my good friend Missl Command as a wedding preasent. It is going to look really awesome, I can tell already. I will share pictures of these projects and talk about them in greater detail later this week. I also got a ton of printing done, and this morning I have been printing like a madwoman.

(one of the "presents" the cats brought in)

It is finally becoming noticeable that it is fall, and the evenings are starting to get very cool like they should in the dessert. I really love fall in New Mexico, the crisp air perfumed by roasting green chili is something that I look forward to every year, but this year I am really excited, because I know pretty soon our cats wont be bringing in lizards, birds, katydids, and mice any more.

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  1. Time alone is necessary for all couples. Always find a way to spend to together.

    I just love Autumn! She is so cute!

    Hvae a wonderful evening.