Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Feature: Things I Love

I saw this cutie in the etsy forums recently. I am totally in love with him.

mustard and brown stegosaurus by marywells

♥_____________________________________________________________ ♥

and this mustache mug is really important...

I was playing in the Munecas Muertas derby teams very first travel bout in Las Vegas in 2005... I think it was 2005... maybe early 2006... and there was a girl on the Neanderdolls (Sin City's travel team) who's skate name was pirate. She had a mustache tattooed on her finger. Before we left half of the munecas had fingerstaches. That is what the mustache trend makes me think of.

Oversized Moustache Soup Bowl - Variety of Colors and Styles by modernmadness


I really love the colors in these earrings. I don't even wear earrings but these are super tempting.

Retro Bunch 'o Fruit Earrings Vintage Beads by skeptis


This tote is awesome. It would make a GREAT reusable grocery bag! a lot of items from Em and Sprout caught my attention, so if you love cutesy items like I do, you should totally check out this shop !

Sleepy Panda Tote by emandsprout


More cuteness. I almost passed this guy up when I was browsing, but I am really glad I didnt! he is adorable! I had a siamese kitty growing up. Her name was belle :) I named her long before the disney version of Beauty and the Beast came out though.

Mel, the Siamese Kitten - felt art toy by fing


What is this thing? a moogling? Well, it is awesome, and I really love that it is not really anything, though it DOES Resemble a bunny. A cute, really round pink bunny.

Pink Moogling Amigurumi by twistyfishies


And I think this item would be awesome to have for my daughter. I wonder if they make a dinosaur one? that would be cool.

ON SALE ITEM Vinyl Wall decal---KIDS GROW CHART---Wall Art Home Decors Murals Vinyl Decals Stickers by wowwall


  1. I love the coor combo on the earrings too.

    Going to check out the felt cat toy!

    Have a great day!

  2. THe Stegosaurus is just so adorable :)

    I miss those days of buy cute things, now it is all electronics ALL the time.

    Hopefully in 10 years I might have Grand kids to buy cute things for :)

    Have a lovely weekend, T. :)

  3. Thank you for the feature! Love the grow chart, the little girl is soo cute :)