Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Adventures in T-shirt land: Thought from the workbench

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Well. It is Day three of working from home, and I am busier than ever. I am currently working on new orders as well as preparing items for consignment at Stilo Lifestyle in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I am trying to get a really good selection of items to take over there, and I need to reorder shirts from Next Level Apparel as well. I was kind of hoping to be able to order another type of shirt, like a long sleeved shirt or a burnout tee, but I will probably just be stocking up on white tees again. I made my priority to work on some damas dresses for my former co-workers daughters quinceanera, which is getting boring because I have to make 7 of the same thing, and I am not really getting paid for them, just for materials so I am having a difficult time pushing through. They ARE really lovely though.

This Tee shirt is going to be in an upcoming movie called "the Lucky One" I am not sure how visible it will be, but I am excited by the possibilities! Warner Brothers sent me a release form saying that they could use the tee on film... so I will probably go see that movie when it comes out.
Last night I dyed quite a few tees, and they all turned out really awesome with beautiful vibrant color and even coverage on the first try, for like four dye batches. I was SO surprised! This is not the first time that something like this has happened. It is amazing how experience teaches you things subconsciously. I have no idea what I am doing differently, I just know that the results are coming out more consistent than they were before, and I LOVE that. The dye batches I ran this morning are coming out better as well! The same thing happened when I started screen printing. I got somewhat inconsistent results, and then all of the sudden everything just became second nature and all my shirts came out better. Have you ever experienced anything like that?

I have quite a few fun new products I am working on in Caustic Threads, I am working on some small card holders, that my or may not make it to etsy. So far I have included them in a couple of packages as surprises. I am also working on some bike pouches, or hip pouches technically, as well as an extra special fancy vendor apron. I just launched a brand new item in caustic threads:

It would make an excellent gift :)
Ok folks, Ill see you tomorrow.



  1. How exciting! A movie!!!

    Everyone seems to love your tees on my blog.

    Thank you for sponsoring the giveaway!


  2. Hey! Wow how great your shirt may be a star! So cool. I'm lovin the little black pouches and goodies.