Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This weekend I got to fit all of the damas dresses I put in my post last Wednesday and I was very happy to see that they all fit well. We also got to see how the display in Stilo Lifestyle looked... and it looked REALLY awesome. I was really amazed at what a great job Stephanie did! She displayed my items way better than I ever could! Everything looked so... professional.

I went for a run the yesterday... that was wierd... I plan on doing more of it. This online conversation occured:

Me:I went for a run today. It made me wish I had an Ipod or some portable music device.
Friend one: I can't imagine running without earphones, tbh.
Friend 2: get an ipod shuffle. i might sell my iPod touch and buy a shuffle. they are easier to manage while running, cheaper too
Me: thanks! I just need something to distract me from the fact that I am doing something I hate ... but hoping not to hate w/ time
Friend 2: i hate running, have always hated running, will always hate running but it's just about the only way i can tone/drop weight

Not promising that I will start to like running, but I will stick with it anyway...

Here is a sketch colored in gimp, cause it is fun. I burned a screen of this image too, I havens printed it yet, probably will to show tomorrow though.


  1. The only time I run is if there is a fire or someone is chasing me ;)
    sometime after 26 or so there seemed to be something hanging off my body and flopping when I ran. Then I discovered it was my butt :(

    cute bird.