Friday, October 22, 2010

Feature Friday

Things I like: lace

I really like lace, whether it is "in" or "out" ... no matter what season it is... I love pretty feminine lace. All of the above items are clickable, and the shirt from , who's work I really love and admire- even though I also make tee shirts- was in stilo lifestyle, the store I am doing consignment at, and it looks just as awesome, if not better in person. I actually would have bought one for myself if stilo had been stocking their womens shirts. I guess I can always get it directly from them, or ask Adam to buy it for me for Christmas.

So, I would like to clarify, I mentioned earlier that I have started running. I am not trying running because I need another type of exercize to do. I am very active and have no shortage of fun things to do that get my heart pounding or my muscles burning. Running has always been a hurdle of mine, and I want to overcome it. I know that running can cause damage to joints, especially if done incorrectly, and with the wrong footwear. I want to run. I mean, I dont WANT TO RUN, I hate running, but I want to overcome this sort of fear I have of running, and it is good for me.

The experiment I mentioned earlier this week turned out AWESOME. I will share picture soon.

Happy friday!


  1. There are some awesome items featured there!

    Have a wgreat day!


  2. Lovely items-- lace is so beautiful! Thanks for including my b&w lace coasters =]