Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bearing Necklaces galore.

This weekend Adam and I purchased a table at the Duke City Derby bout since I decided it was not really safe to play knowing that I am pregnant.

We made 16 or so new bearing necklaces for it, and since we were displaying all of the necklaces we needed a way to display them all.

This is what we came up with:

We made a stand out of my FIRST pair of derby skates!

When I say "we" I mean I said " I have an old pair of skates we can use" and Adam did the rest.

It is probably the best imaginable way to display skate bearing pendants.

I have never done a table or anything like this, so I don't really know what is good for sales, but we made over $300 in the four hours we were there, so I am pretty pleased. I ran a special on shirts and that went over VERY well and we sold several bearing necklaces as well. After the booth fee and supplies I would say I made about $240.

In other exciting news, we just got a wholesale order- our first- for 20.00 bearing pendants... so that is a lot of work, but the order is for other derby folks, so that is awesome.

And what kind of post would this be without a random picture of Autumn?





  1. Awesome! what a great display, kudos to the hubs! your sales seem fantastic to me!!! Congratulations on that and the wholesale gig! Autumn is like mmmmm mmmm hmmmm mmmmm ha ha too cute

  2. Cool display! Congrats on the success of your booth and thank you posting another picture of Autumn :-)

  3. That is wonderful, congrats on the sales! Cute photo of Autumn!

    Have a lovely Day, T. :)

  4. Love the pic of Autumn... so cute! ;)

  5. what a fun blog.

    sweet photo of little autumn.