Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Autumn can say her first AND her last name now when asked. And she can count to 11... sometimes 12.

SO, day four of working exclusively from home... well, that is except tomorrow because my former co worker has an appointment and I agreed to go in, so not only am I working at my day job tomorrow, but I am working at my day job ALL day instead of my usual 12-5 shift. Cest La Vie... as I am pretty sure I mentioned earlier it is actually like a break to go in to my old job.

I made some sandwiches.

Here is a random picture of Autumn.
I am making a sign for my spot in the consignment shop, and there are some easy ways to do it, like finding a local printer to do it, or painting the font I use onto something, or maybe even printing that font onto transparencies and then attaching that to something. I have an idea that is really awesome, and really ... kinda hard... and I have my heart totally set on it. We got a scroll saw not long ago that has been used pretty minimally. I REALLY WANT MY SIGN MADE OUT OF WOOD LETTERS...

Like this... of course my obsession with this time consuming sign may be slightly higher because Adam is the woodworker in the family, not I . I went out with him to see how to do it, tried to do it myself, and got mad because the scroll saw cuts too slow. UGH. Maybe I should do an alchemy request on etsy. Probably not. I dont think I can afford that request.

I also finally made a first print of the drawing I digitally colored and posted on Monday. was that Monday?? Anyway, I like it. A lot.
I also am sending a donation to Australia for a breast cancer benefit. I hope they raise a lot of money. This is what I sent.
Anyway, back to it being my 4th day working from home... I feel STRESSED! I am not sure if I am just not getting enough done or if I am being unrealistic with my goals but I almost always don't get done nearly as much as I wanted to get done. Even my daily goals are hard to maintain, which is why I am sitting here writing this blog entry at 10:20 PM.

Ok guys! have a great one!



  1. There she is!! Autumn!!!

    LOL ..."Where's Autumn?"

    She's beautiful, but you know that!

    Have fun working outside your studio!

    Love the picture of you together!