Tuesday, April 27, 2010

That Was a Terrible Idea.

Our anniversary is April 29th, but I have Roller Derby commitments on Thursday so Adam and I went out to dinner last night. It seemed a bit like a comedy of errors.

We went to Gardunios, a local Mexican restaurant... ACTUALLY is New Mexican which is very different but when one is raised in New Mexico it is usually just called Mexican food. The main differences with Mexican food and new Mexican food are that New Mexican food usually uses sharp cheddar cheese and green chili. If someone asks you "red or green" in a restaurant here, Mexican or really any type, they are referring to chili. It is a common question.

Gardunios has delicious enchiladas and tasty margaritas. It was a lovely evening so we decided to sit outside on the patio. I have lost nearly 30 lbs now so my wedding ring has become VERY loose. To demonstrate that we should do something to get my wedding ring re sized I vigorously shook my hand (expecting it to fly off) very carefully avoiding the nearby bushes. To no surprise my ring flung off my finger. What I hadn't noticed was the large cracks between the wood on the patio, or at least not until my ring was already airborne, and the world turned to slow motion as I watched my ring fall, roll, and drop through the cracks.

Adam went to the car to see if there was anything that we could use to fish it out with and when the waitress came back I mentioned it to her. She said "people drop things down there all the time, there isn't really anything we can do about it." but she must have mentioned it to someone else because within minutes a young man ( maybe a few years younger than I am) came out with a plumbing tool used to pull things out of drains. It was basically a very narrow tube and wit a claw at the end. The waiter quickly retrieved and returned my ring. It was magic.

Relief washed over me and we enjoyed our dinner for a few more minutes. Autumn joined us at gardunios and like any toddler with a healthy interest in the world around her she amused herself by doing things like; sticking her fingers in food. The salsa was a little hot so to spare autumn from the rude awakening of HOT chili Adam quickly snatched it away from her little hands. I barely caught my margarita and the chips, sopapillas and empty guacamole dish ended up on the floor. When the calamity was over and the dust settled I looked at my glass and the base had broken off the stem. Adam and I traded margaritas because I did not want to face our waitress after the ring incident. She brought us another one, which we shared and we were able to get through the rest of the meal without any more problems.

Then we went to toys r us to look for a star wars Lego set that had guys with light sabers and was within our price range and buy autumn a toilet. We spent a disgustingly long time in the toy store admiring everything. I felt like a kid again. They had some cool Joan Jett and Debbie Harry barbies, and I was really into the retro revival dolls.

After that we went to Trader Joes to get our groceries. I LOVE trader joes. For real.


The End.


P.S. Not pregnant. :(
Now is a bad time anyway.


  1. this sounded like a great anniversary celebration evening, except the part about the ring. I"m glad you got it back. I've done so many stupid things like that, sorry to say that was stupid, but it kinda was ;)

    hope the toilet training goes well! what a cute picture of you two... you are beautiful!

    p.s. My favorite Barbie growing up was my Tuesday Taylor doll. She had blonde hair on one side and you turned the top of her skull around and voila' she was a brunette! I preferred the brunette side.


  2. Happy early Anniversary!!! I'm glad you were able to get your ring back. I accidentally flung mine and I swore it went down the bathroom sink. My hubby was still in the Air Force at the time and away at school for 3 months, so I hysterically called a friend who lived nearby. Her hubby came and took apart the curved pipe under the sink only to discover it had fallen behind the faucet on the counter top. OOPS!

  3. Wow, what a story - sounds like a sitcom! Well, I'm glad everything seemed to work out in the end, even if you had to sacrifice a margarita glass to get it.

  4. Happy Anniversary! So glad you managed to get your ring back.. that is quite a scare!!! For sure this will be an anniversary to remember!

    ps. the little Bun is doing well.. we're at 35 weeks! ;)

  5. Glad you got your ring back :)

    What an eventful dinner, I think you have the start of a sit-com there :)

    Happy Anni. :) T.

  6. Wow, good thing the guy was there to get your ring for you. Happy anniversary =)

  7. wow it will def be a anniversary to remember!!!

  8. Joan Jett & Debbie Harry dolls?!? I was just at Toys R Us - I didn't see those. That's what I get for avoiding the doll aisle like the plague.

    Happy anniversary. Glad you got the ring back. I lost mine in the center console of my car...for a year. My car was broken into and the guy who repaired it found my ring for me. I love him just a little for that.

  9. Happy Anniversary. Glad you got your ring back!