Monday, April 19, 2010

Evolution of a Black Eye.

Hi guys!

On Friday Adam, Francis and I drove to Tucson for the dust devil roller derby tournament. When we stopped to get gas and ran into the bathroom I got a few funny looks that totally confused me.

Then I remembered that I have a black eye.

The only other time I remember having a black eye was when I broke my nose when I was four. Stupid highway underpasses and patent leather dress shoes.

I am completely fascinated by the daily changes in color and even shape. Here are a few new pictures:

This one is from Saturday. It turned VERY DARK PURPLE on my eyelid. It was actually a very beautiful color, deep and reddish, like a plum.

This one is from Sunday. Yes. I am wearing the same stinky shirt that I wore on Saturday. WE wore black jerseys for all three games this weekend. The color became a little yellowish in some areas and now it is dark underneath my eye, not just on the eyelid.

And this was today. We were headed home from Tucson which is most of the reason I look so grumpy.

Last but not least, here is an adorable picture of autumn and I that was taken at the venue between out two games on Sunday.

I am hoping there will be pictures available for the bouts tomorrow, and I will tell you more about the weekend very soon.



  1. Funny, it's almost starting to look like eye shadow!

  2. LOL I agree! It does look like eye shadow!

    I am glad you didn't getting a matching shiner!

    Autumn is adorable!

  3. you still look beautiful even with a black eye! or green or purple or yellow or whatever color it is right now!! Autumn is so cute!

  4. Hey Erica, I agree too it is starting to look a little like eyeshadow, maybe that is where they got the idea for it in the first place.

    Nice shot of you and Autumn :) T.

  5. i was just thinking the same thing, that it looked like eye shadow!

  6. SOOO totally eye shadow!! Awww dude I hope it's still look fabulous look like an interesting woman with a story people want to know...and Autumn..I could just eat her up!! SOOOO sweet :)

  7. You're eye's looking pretty good. Don't you just love the green/yellow stage? I was totally obsessed w/my black eye. I took photos of it everyday. Actually, the 1st day I took pictures almost hourly, and posted them all over facebook.

    Yeah, I might have been a little too proud of it;p When I was in Colorado, people would look at me and smile when they saw it - like I must have gotten it doing some extreme ski trick. Once I got back to Dallas however, people would look at me and then quickly look away - like they didn't want to get involved with the 'battered woman'. It was a really strange feeling.