Friday, April 23, 2010

A personal Favorite.

There are tons of amazing people in the etsy community, and occasionally we are lucky enough to meet someone the is not only talented and creative, but also kind, funny, friendly and wonderful. Tracy is one of those really extraordinary people.

She has two Stores filled with stunning items:
♥♥ Friday, Saturday & Sunday Sale ♥♥
♥♥ Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Mix and Match ♥♥
*APRIL Contest* ((*For every purchase in the Month of April, you will be put into a drawing...May 1st I will draw a name...The winner will receive a Custom Basket (3" x 5") of your choice of color*))
SALE: 10% off entire store for the month of April

I love Tracy's pin cushions, I have purchased two of them. One for myself and one as a gift. They are unique, and really beautiful. I use mine all of the time. You can see the listing for her pink primrose pin cushion here.

This beautiful Sunshine and Spring Doily is ONLY $6! What a great way to brighten a room! Look at it here.

I have also been trying VERY HARD to come up with an excuse to splurge on one of these fun skirts. check out the listing here

In addition to having two awesome stores she has a beautiful daughter and a husband. She also keeps some adorable bunnies.

I met Tracy in ChristieCottage's BNS thread. Feel like joining the fun? here is today's thread, there will be a different one tomorrow. If you are interested in joining on a different day just search the forums for christiecottage. Also, if you hang out in the promotions section for long enough you will surely see it. All you have to do is keep the thread active and buy something from any of the one stores on the thread. It is a great opportunity to meet some amazing artisans, promote yourself, and have a ton of fun.

Have a GREAT weekend!




  1. That sounds so cool, I will check it out and the pin cushion so cute :) Thanks for sharing Erica, have a wonderful weekend, T. :)

  2. Cute pincushion and a BnS plug to boot!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Ok that skirt is so rock and roll I need one in my world - after I give birth...ehehe...a treat for Mommy fo' sure

  4. OH! That skirt! I'm sure it would make my back side look like the long side of a barn, but I'm not sure I care. Too cute!