Thursday, April 15, 2010


One thing you may know about playing roller derby, is that it is a very bad idea to hit your own jammer. If you did not know that here is the basic structure of flat track derby:

There are two thirty minute periods that are comprised of "jams" that can last up to two minutes each.

Each team has 5 players on the track, 4 blockers and 1 jammer. After the first pass, which only establishes lead jammer (the lead jammer has an advantage because she can call off the jam when it is most advantageous for her.) the jammer scores points by passing each opposing blocker. The blockers are trying to prevent the opposing jammer from scoring points by hitting her and blocking her. They are also trying to help their own jammer by giving whips and creating "clears" (or moving opposing players out of the way).

Knowing this, it is pretty obvious that when one is playing roller derby she does not want to HIT HER TEAMS JAMMER.

It is an even worse idea if your jammer is about a foot taller than you and her teeth are level with your eyebrows when you are both in derby stance.

Things like this can happen:

It may be hard to see, but after my brow collided head on with my teammates teeth at scrimmage last night I had a lump on my brow about the size of a golf ball(thank goodness for both of us she was wearing proper protective gear, including a mouth guard)

This is what it looked like this morning:

These are two pictures are very rare photo's of me as I am usually wearing make-up and I think I have only had one other REAL black eye in my life. That was when I was about five and I broke my nose- great story, for another day.

It will be kinda cool to have a black eye for the tournament this weekend, but I am not looking forward to going to work like this. Even though I work for my dad and outside traffic is minimal it is a little embarrassing to have people wonder how it happened. My dad and co-worker both know I play roller derby but many of our customers do not.

I started a post yesterday, should be able to put it up tomorrow. I am sorry I have not been as diligent with my blogging lately, but I am sure you all understand that life happens.




  1. Um...OW! That's one serious shiner. Funny story, the Husky puppy we had when we first got married once turned into my face with is mouth open while playing. One of his teeth hit just below my eye and I ended up with this funny looking bruise. It was really black and blue, but VERY small...about the size of his big canine tooth. Whenever my hubby and I went out, people would look at him like he did it, but seriously, he would have had to try to poke me in the eye with a pen to make a mark that looked like it did. I would joke with him that maybe I should randomly yell out "OK, whatever you say!" and hold my hand up to my face...though I guess that wouldn't have been very nice.

  2. Whoa!!!! Don't be messing up your pretty face!

  3. OUCH!!!! You are one tough chick :)

    But I think it might be intimidating to the opponents at your W/E meet if you have a shiner :)

    Have fun, T.

  4. Oh! Nice one!! If only I wasn't so behind on my blog reading - I could have put a little potion in the mail along with the package I sent Adam. I've got a little experience with shiners. (