Thursday, April 22, 2010

From the Caustic Studio

I have been watching for pictures from the bouts last weekend and so far now very many have popped up. Pictures of my team WATCHING roller derby is not very interesting, so I will wait to talk about the games until I can find some good action shots. I know there are some. I saw Them being taken.

I have been sharing my caustic threads shirts on my face book page ( I only have a personal page) and on my twitter and have had a lot of requests for different sizes.

Last night I went shopping and picked up quite a few shirts.

I now can make men's shirts and have a very wide variety of women's sizes.

This is the first print of a new screen I burned. I Like how it turned out.

And these are the shirts I printed this morning. Now I just need time to list them all. I definitely love screen printing, it is really fun, and some of my designs I think I could turn into art prints, which would also be fun for my original store. Please take a look at my new store if you have a chance.

In other news, I have been really tired lately, and I am not sure why. My co-worker thinks I should take a pregnancy test. I would like to have another baby some day, but I really want to wait until the end of this roller derby season, so now would be a VERY bad time for me. I am on birth control so it is pretty unlikely but I had thought that it was a possibility before my co-worker mentioned it so I may be taking a pregnancy test soon.

SO, How are YOU?



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