Monday, August 2, 2010


My art room has had many recent additions. I got an old adjustable Acme Dress form on ebay, a newer (but not nearly as nice) adjustable dress form, and finally took matters into my own hands and got my serger fixed.

It is an awesome machine, a Wilcox and Gibbs industrial serger that my best guess (which I am getting from the manuals copyright date) dates it in the early 70's.

I bought this thing when I was living in Portland. I found it on craigslist for a pretty good price. The lady said she couldn't figure out how to thread it , but that it worked. We looked everywhere online for instructions on how to thread it and ended up buying a manual from . We carefully followed the instructions and when we had threaded it and unthreaded it several times we still couldn't get it to stitch. Thinking we were threading it wrong we took it in to a sewing machine repair store to have it threaded, and have them show us what we were doing wrong. It took the woman over an just to thread the thing, and when she was done she said that the timing was off on the loopers and then didn't fix it for some reason. It has pretty much sat stored since then.

I ended up going with a business called Adjust and Time here in Albuquerque. His price was the best in town, and on top of that he was a mobile business. AWESOME. He did a great job, and I am very impressed. I also found out that the place in Portland didn't even thread the machine correctly. GAH.

I am working on adding a collection of made to order sewn items to Caustic Threads, hence all of the additions to my workroom. My beautiful and sweet friend amber is going to be modeling for me (in my pictures) so I decided to wrap her up in duct tape. This is a good way to get a very close mold of some one's body, and I can use this duct tape form now to fit the clothes without her having to come in for fittings all of the time- and that is good because we are both pretty busy.

I have also finished two new paintings for the Black Market Gallery.

This one is actually not quite complete in this picture, though it is now.

I haven't titled either of them yet.

I hope you all had a great weekend!



  1. i always love to see where artists work!! and the duct tape dress form is a great (and cost effective) idea!!!

  2. OK, I had to laugh at Amber in the duct tape dress!! LOL

    I am glad you got machine fixed.

    The painting is cool!


  3. Nice art room! my question is how much did you have to pay for that manual??? Got to hand it to ya, your persistence paid off! Yay!

    I thought that duct tape dress was one of your designs at first! That would be pretty cool... The dress form idea is genius.

    Love your Black Market Gallery pieces.

  4. omg, I just had to share this with you, it just showed up on yahoo...

  5. LOve your new pieces :)

    I'm with Jaime I thought for a min. you were going to do duct tape dresses. :)

    Busy, busy girl, it is a very excititng time for you.

    Have a great day, T. :)