Monday, August 9, 2010

Black Market Gallery.

As I mentioned, last week I set up my art at an art gallery. The Black Market Gallery is awesome. It is a collective that showcases young artists, musicians and designers. It started a few years ago when the founder Josh Jones was throwing up awesome one night art shows every few months. I was lucky enough to be involved back then. I was able to do the first three shows, but it was a little too much for me to do them and roller derby. I also eventually moved to Portland for a while. I am so excited to be involved again!

I put up a variety of items. I had acrylic paintings, watercolors, and prints. I also brought some shirts, arm warmers and bags. Not sure how well you can see, but the pillows are a new item, and I am working on a few more, and I will be listing them in acrylicandsteel soon.

The first Friday reception was a ton of fun. It ran from 8pm to 12pm but Autumn decided we needed to leave around 10.

She WAS having fun... another artist let her play with some markers and a notebook, and she enjoyed dancing to the music. When she started getting tired she really wanted to run around and pull things off the walls.

The Other art was awesome, and the MC's were very good. I plan on continuing to participate, and hope soon to be able to put in some volunteer time so that the gallery can be open more often.

We had a roller derby game in Taos this weekend too, and it was my last travel game. I found out on Saturday that I am pregnant, and while it is hard to stop playing roller derby I am VERY excited to be having another baby!

Talk To you later!



  1. It's wonderful that your art is being displayed.



  2. Soooo cool that you have a venue... how do you have time for all that creating while having Autumn and now pregnant!! whew! Are you still working with your Dad, too?