Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Crowded Room

I thought i would share a few more pictures of my art room, which has recently become MUCH more crowded.

There is actually a method to this madness. I am using this table for screen printing and sewing right now. I keep hangers below the table for easy access while printing and blank shirts are folded on the file cabinet.

There is much less method to this madness. All the bins on the metal shelves are filled with different craft supplies ranging from polymer clay, to felted sweaters and wool roving, to paint, and jewelry findings. The dress form with the muslin on it has what I have draped for my co-workers daughters quincaniera. I am making her Damas dresses. There has actually been a third dress form added to the room since these pictures were taken. The duct tape form of my friend is in our coat closet. I am going to use the base for my designer form (that is the one that has the muslin on it) when I am working with that form.

this is one of my major additions, mentioned yesterday. I have really been enjoying working with my new serger. :)
And some pictures of the family:


  1. Autumn is beautiful!! I may have mentioned that before :-)


  2. oh those pics of you and Autumn and your hubby and her are abdorable!

    My studio makes yours look spiffy! I'm a mess.

    your dresses are looking great!