Friday, April 24, 2009

Derby Derby Derby...

Lots going on with derby right now. I think I will start with the most amusing little tidbit...

I had a "you know me so well" moment with Adam last Sunday. Because the weather was awesome, and league endurance was expected to be crowded- we had an outdoor skate. It was soooo much fun. Our coach, Speedbump, took us on an AWESOME trip through some of the bike paths in the Sellwood area of Portland. It was SO much fun. When I got back home, all scraped up, Adam was not surprised. "Did you try to jump over the train tracks?" he asked, before I had a chance to explain what happened. I HAD tried to jump the train tracks. How did he know?

I am bummed out because I can't skate much right now. Adams job is taking him out of town and so I am taking care of the baby Autumn during the week when I would otherwise be skating. It sucks. There was game last week and there is another tomorrow and i am a little burned out.

There IS one bout that I am REALLY ecited for this week... DUKE CITY DERBY is having THIER FIRST EVER bout at the Santa Ana Star Casino! If you did not know, we used to skate in Midnight Rodeo-pictured on the left- and it was really kind of a death trap. I mean, there were other problems, like that the demensions being wrong, and the stuff in the middle making it hard to see... but the really big problem was that it was very dangerous, and I am really surprised that there were not more injuries. It is a little sad. I mean, there is something really bad ass about playing rollerderby in a bar that is surrounded with obstacles that could possibly cause major damage, but it is nice that DCD will be playing in a legitimate venue, with regular track demensions. Plus as bad ass as it IS to play in a venue that seriously hardcore, no one really wants to get impailed on a death pole or see anyone else (even thier biggest rival) ripped open on a metal grate. It is also AWESOME because now DCD can invite other leagues to play them... or should I say us...?

Which brings us to my absolute favorite bit of derby news... At the end of next moth I am going to be back in burque and playing for DCD again!

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