Thursday, July 8, 2010

We've Been Busy!

This past holiday weekend proved to be very productive for Adam and I, and between our two stores ( and ) I have about 50 new items to list. I almost said "We have 50 new items to list" but as Adam has the full time job that supports us- and I complain about Adams tagging and photo abilities (though I could surely take better pictures myself)- I am the one that lists things on etsy.

This banksia pod knife was actually already listed, but Adam has decided to make sheaths for all of the knives that don't already have them. The sheath on this one is new.

I got a wild hair and finished some patterns I was working on, and then also made some additional patterns. I finished a dress that has been sitting in muslin for about 4 months, and made two new shirt patterns and 2 new skirt patterns. This skirt is pretty simple so I was able to pop one out this weekend. It is about a size 6, denim nautical inspired, and looks REALLY awesome with my Mermaid tee. I cut out two more in different fabrics, another one that is about a size 6 and one that is about a 10. The 10 just needs to be hemmed and the other 6 is not sewn yet. I have not decided how to photograph these yet, so I am not sure when these will be listed.

The place I get my shirts, an overstock retailer (to answer T's question about how I keep my prices so low) had these really great fold over yoga shorts! I think I may have to keep a pair for myself! This pair is printed on the booty with silver roller skates.

As you may know, these awesome bearing necklaces are Adams brain child. He made one for me as a gift when we started dating, and I wear a turquoise one that he made me almost every day. They have gone through a few phases of evolution, we have learned how to make them more efficiently -meaning we can offer a better price for them- and now each one is a collaboration. I love working on these, because it is something Adam and I do together. We got 10 of them finished this weekend.

I had been wanting to buy more french netting for a while, and I finally gave in. I bought from two sellers and got a wide variety of fun colors... I ordered more this weekend and may just be addicted. The store I reordered from was and I was extremely impressed. The product was awesome, the prices were unbeatable and the service was excellent! I received my order within a few days AND it came with a coupon. I couldn't help reordering, and I may just be addicted. I went to the store to copy the link and ALMOST made another purchase. (yikes! how many yards of veiling do I need?)

I made two new black veils with facinators and two new hot pink ones. I also made a new white facinator that I will be making a veil for soon. Yesterday I received green netting and red netting and I am waiting on some ivory and ♥turquoise♥ (swoon). So... expect a lot of veils to start popping up in my shop too.

Tomorrow I hope to post some fun family pictures. I will be back this evening to post my treasury of the day. Any suggestions for today's theme?


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  1. The top knife is awesome! I love the handle on it. The roller skates shirts are cool and the veil is lovely!