Monday, July 26, 2010

A quick note, and todays treasury.

I was hoping to write a REAL blog post today, but it got hectic around here-as usual- and I didnt get around to it. I just wanted to write a quick note before I post my treasury and go to bed.

This weekend was very busy and sales were good for causative threads. Sales have been good enough that I am worried that I may not be able to keep up at Christmas time. Last year before Christmas went from one or fewer sales a week to at least one a day.

I am averaging 2-3 sales in now. My GOAL is 5 sales a day during this time of year. It is a little hefty but I believe I can make as much or more from my store than I make working part time for my dad... and since I enjoy printing shirts, making art and clothing, and selling on etsy much more, it makes more sense to do that. I think I am going to try to be working from home by October.

I actually don't mind working for my dad, and I really love that Autumn and I get to see him everyday, but I think working from home is more in line with what I want to be doing with my life.

I have more things to talk about, like some thoughts about things I read in the etsy forums, some art I am working on, the gallery I am going to be in, and ebay. I hope to get to all of those things soon.

And now, the treasury:


  1. Thanks for including my notepad! I linked back to your blog in a little post about it :)

  2. Sounds grat that CausticThreads has taken off! YAY!!! Working from home sounds wonderful too!


  3. Erica that is wonderful. Things are going well for you and I am so happy for you. :)

    Sounds like working from home will be great esp. if you are planning to have another baby :)

    I am excited to here all your news :)

    Have a wonderful day, T. :)

  4. Lovely!! Makes me sing 8675309... in my head :)