Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some Thoughts and Sketches and someone else's cute baby.

As I mentioned I had some plans for variations on the dress I posted on Tuesday. Here are some very simple sketches of a few of my ideas.

This is a wedding gown, it has the same pleating detail at the french darts, but I removed the collar.
This has the same collar, but the fabric on the halter between the top of the dress and the neck would be sheer in this. It also does not have the pleating on the french darts. This one is also intended to be a wedding dress.

This is like the one above, but it is has a pencil skirt instead of a circle skirt, and it does still have the French dart detail. I dont really know about the red, I was just playing with some new markers. It would look really cute in a swiss dot. I should have rotated the picture before I cropped it, she looks like the leaning tower of endless skinny legs.

This is a circle skirt, no haler, same dart detailing. This could be a pretty tea length wedding dress, or it could be something more casual, and of course I can do it as both.

I have more sketches to draw, but I haven't had the chance yet.

What else? Well my friend Jon, or Jonny Rocketpants, sent me this picture:

Yes, it is another CAUSTIC SIGHTING. Awesome. This is Jon's niece wearing a special onesie I made. Jon and a friend programmed a game called Quarry so I made a few screens. You can download the game for only $1. I still need to make an adult sized shirt for Jon. Isn't his niece ADORABLE?

I also finally got around to looking through the Paris section of vouge collections and I was NOT impressed. All that stood out to me was how BAD everything was. I dont remember the runway shows looking so horrid when I watched them on you tube several months back. I Karl Lagerfeld designed a terrible collection for Channel, and I was equally unimpressed with his own collection. I generally consider him and John Galliano to be the real greats right now. I liked the general aesthetic of Galliano's Dior collection, but I didn't like many of the pieces, and I was much more disappointed with his own collection.

I asked a friend of mine to model for me , so I am looking forward to getting some things done and taking some great pictures to post made to order dresses and other clothing. I think I can charge enough for the dresses that one the first few purchases can help me purchase a the dress forms I need, but I am still going to be on the lookout for a good deal on a used one.

Well, I'll be back this evening for my treasury of the day.

Take care!



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  1. Very cute little one :)

    I love the red dress and the pencil skirt very chic :) T.