Friday, July 16, 2010

Coming Soon to Acrylic and Steel

Sorry I missed my daily treasury last night, I fainted, so I decided to go to sleep. I have been feeling dizzy and faint (all part of the same yuck I have been feeling for months) and I know I NEED to go see urgent care, but these things are not interfering with my life enough for me to want to take the time to go.

I am going to be listing some coasters soon in Acrylic and Steel. This store has not been getting the attention Caustic Threads gets. I did finally list Adam's new knives and all of those bearing necklaces, and I need to list some art prints as well.

This is a new product that I am excited about:


These are unfinished, I still need to put the felt base on them.

These two are done.

When I was making these I learned that "fast drying" spry on polyurethane still takes about 6 hours to dry. Oh well.

so, what else?

Well, things have been busy, I need to figure out the best way to photograph the skirts I made. I also bought a whole bunch of rit fabric dye. My previous (and first) order with Next Level Apparel was cancelled due to stock levels. Then I dreamed up this Idea of dying shirts myself, and now I have a pretty big order of plain white shirts to place, and the best part is that I can also dye fabric, baby body suits, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

I have still been unwell, as mentioned earlier. It feels kind of like what I think it would feel like to have a brain tumor or parasites. It doesn't hurt, but a few times an hour, even when I am sitting still I get the spins, feel faint, and then cant remember what I was doing. It's like I have a brain chip and someone hit the reset button.

Roller derby is what it is. We are trying to decide if we want to go to regionals. We are ranked high enough, but we are not sure we have enough skaters to play 3 games in two days. I didn't want to go because I want to have another baby. My Birth Control prescription expired recently so I am not renewing it. As long as I am not pregnant I am happy to go if we have enough people.

Until next time♥



  1. take care of yourself!! i am worried... your health is important nd fainting is not normal... please talk to a doc or someone....

    and i do love love the coasters!!

  2. Love the coasters Erica, I was thinking about doing that in my photo shop :)

    Maybe take the photo of the skirt outside, the light is always better when you don't have to use flash. :)

    Go to the docs :) Just be checked out, you need to be totally healthy for when you get pregnant, fainting can be hormonal???????

    Have a wonderful weekend, T. :)