Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I've Lost 12 Lbs!

Since I had my gall bladder removed I have lost 12 pounds. I have no Idea what my gall bladder has to do with my metabolism. I have been working very hard to lose the 60lbs left of the 100 lbs I gained during my pregnancy for over a year and have had no real luck, so while 12 lbs is still 48lbs shy of my goal I am very happy to be making SOME progress since before this I had not lost or gained a single pound since my 6 week post-partum check-up. before the surgery I couldn't really eat for about 10 days, but the weight loss did not occur until a few weeks later. I can't see any lifestyle changes that would have caused the loss, I have been eating more calories than before the surgery, and I could not exercise for a little while after the surgery either. Now I am back to my regular activities, but I am so shocked and excited to have seen the scale steadily fall each time I go visit the Doctor.

It is also very confusing to me, since I didn't even lose A POUND when I was trying so hard to. Two other small changes occurred. I stopped drinking. I used to drink a glass of wine a night. I have been enjoying blue sky cherry vanilla creme soda more often, and that has way more calories than a glass of wine. I also do not eat anything with Corn Glucose (high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup etc). That actually added calories to my diet as well. I didn't eat much that had corn syrup, but I was surprised what did have it. The problem with corn syrup is that it is even worse for you than sugar, especially if you are very active and need your calories to work for you. Sugar at least turns to energy before your body stores the unused calories. Corn syrup goes directly into fat storage. The reason so many products have corn syrup is because it is much cheaper than real sugar. So, as a result of my new aversion to corn syrup I no longer eat Special-K (or the store brand equivalent) and have switched to Kashi or "Mom's Best" shredded wheat. We only get the kashi if it is on sale. I also switched from yo plait light yogurt to the smiths brand yogurt. It has way more calories, but it tastes so much better and it is healthier because it doesn't have corn syrup or aspartame in it. I have also let myself eat pizza twice in the past month (it had been about 8 mo since I last had eaten pizza) and made my delicious but fatty green chili chicken enchiladas last week, and have been enjoying the shortbread cookies adam got me for valentines day.

Anyway... don't look a gift horse in the mouth I guess, I am happy for any progress, even if I can't explain it! Maybe whatever was wrong with my body has finally worked itself out!


Here is a cute picture of Autumn after eating a chocolate sucker that I got her from See's Candy when I got candy for Adam For Valentines day:

It looks a little like she killed something and ate it's bloody carcas or had a massive bloody nose, but that is really just chocolate.


  1. Congrats on the weight loss that is awesome :)

    Cute pic of Autumn :) T.

  2. Ohhhhhh I love the chocolate succker picture!!!! Too cute!!!

    Congratulations on the 12 pounds! I remember when I had my oldest daughter. I put a note on the refrigerator that I had lost "x" pounds and that if anyone found it, to keep it because I don't want it back! LOL

    Thank you for always stopping by my blog too!


  3. Congratulations on the 12 lbs.

    It might have been just chocolate, but Autumn had a grand ole time eating it. LOL. They can be so cute at times. :O)

  4. Hmm... well, the gall bladder stores bile, which is important for breaking down fats for digestion, so maybe without a gall bladder, you aren't secreting enough bile so the fats just pass right through? I'm glad you've lost the weight you've been wanting to, but I assume when they removed the gall bladder they told you whether or not it would affect your nutrition... I'm just worried that you wouldn't be getting enough good, vital fats... but I'm only an undergrad, so don't listen to me! :o)

    I love blue sky drinks too... I usually get their cola, it tastes so much better than Coke and I don't feel as guilty drinking it!

  5. congrats on your weight loss! im trying to lose 50 >.<

  6. I just discovered your hamster!! He's adorable. I fed him a lot - hope he doesn't get a tummy ache! My sidebar has fish that folks can feed but I really do like your pet.

  7. Congrats on the weight loss! I am putting it on, but for good reason since the little bun in the oven is getting bigger! ;)

  8. When you feed your body real food (i.e. getting rid of that high fructose corn syrup crap), you're body actually knows how to deal with it. I really think the reason I have lost a lot of weight is because I eat very few processed foods now. Even eating a fattier/higher calorie diet doesn't seem to matter that much because it is almost all real food. You're making your body happy and it's saying thank you!

    What a cutie!

  9. You have such a beautiful and cute girlie!

  10. Ooooh, I LOVE Blue Sky soda :)
    My favorite is Orange Cream though!

    Congrats on your weight loss-12 pounds is a GREAT accomplishment. Good luck on the rest of those 48 pounds!

    That picture is just the funniest-It really DOES look like the little girl mauled some sort of animal. LOL