Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vogue Collections is Awesome.

Hi all! I am very excited that I received a blog award from T over at because I just adore her! I am very grateful that I have had a chance to get to know her through her blog. She is sweet and caring, and has taken the time to send me thoughtful personal e-mails during times when I really needed it. I am very glad to know her, even just through the blogosphere, and am so honored to have received a blog award from her.

That is all I will be saying about the blog award for today, I will be thinking hard about 7 things you may not know about me and also deciding who to give the award to myself and writing a full post on this later this week. It is hard for me to pick because I follow so many wonderful blogs :)


What else?

I am feeling pretty well, very tired usually, but in very little pain.

Also, Just in case any designers, or fashion lovers are not aware of it's existence one of the most wonderful fashion references available in media form is by far Vogue Collections. It is a $35.00 magazine, which is an excellent price for what it is. Vogue Collections is a periodical that comes out twice a year (fall/winter and Spring/Summer), has very few ads, and is basically just pages and pages of runway collections from top designers in Paris, London, Milan, and New York. I wait for it to come out every season, and everywhere I have ever gone I have been told "I have never heard of that magazine" or "we don't sell that" and usually a few weeks later I see a stack of them in their fashion section. It is an amazing tool for inspiration, laughs (it is amazing what gets sent down runways), and I think as time passes they will be an exemplary historical fashion reference as well.

As I said, This is a magazine well worth the money for any designer, or fashion fanatic! It will absorb many heart stopping, studious hours of "oh, that's cute" "I hate that" "I almost like that" "no, honey, most people CAN'T actually afford ANY of this" "the draping on this is phenomenal" Etc.

Of course if you are me, you will probably say " I could do that better" embarrassingly often for someone who is making no attempts at this time to be a full time designer.


  1. Hey Erica, glad you are staying entertained by Vogue while recovering. Hope all is well :)

    Keep those feet up :)

    Thanks for the nice words, I've really enjoyed getting to know you in the "Blogosphere" too!regards, T.

  2. So I was trying to figure out which of your 3 blogs to follow. Hope this is the main one? :) Thanks for visiting my blog and I promise to come visit you now!

    Congrats on your award.

    Not sure why you're not feeling well, but hope you feel better :)