Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SO, Adam and I decided that we want to have another baby, or I should say I want to have another baby and he wants me to be happy (plus he wouldn't mind if I stopped playing roller derby).

I hated being pregnant, and the first few months of being a parent was really hard on me, but the more autumn turns into her own little person the more I love being a mom.

I have a few more games coming up and I should probably wait to try to have another baby until after regionals. After 5 years I am ready to retire from roller derby at the end of the season I think, so now is a good time to think about having another baby. I know I don't want to travel any more and I can wait until I actually get pregnant to stop playing on home teams.

The thought or retiring is very hard, but I can still skate and attend games, and lately it has been hard to motivate myself to go to practice. I haven't been feeling well and that is part of it , but I also have a lot of other things I like to do and roller derby takes up a lot of time. That said I would have to find another primary source for aerobic activity, so who knows how much time I would really have, especially with another baby.


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  1. Another baby sounds wonderful. Autumn will have a playmate and you can give skating lessons to little ones :-)


  2. Great news! You are now an experienced mom, you will make it.