Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Roll, Bounce, Rock, Skate

Adam, Rocketpants, Autumn and I went to the roller rink on Friday night. It was not our first trip to the roller rink with Autumn, but it WAS her first time on skates.

Rocketpants and Autumn playing with Pants' fancy schmancy phone.

Autumn in her rink skates, they were a little too big, But we figured since she would spend most of the time on her butt it didn't really matter.

Before we went to the rink Autumn tried on Adams skates. She is holding two toy horses from her grandmother Mary. She has really been enjoying those horses.

Before the fall...

Mommy and Autumn skating together.... Very slowly.

Autumn did very well on the carped, but kept wiping out on the rink floor. If we held both of her hands she would usually pick up both feet so that didn't really help her. It was also unusually busy, so it seemed a little dangerous to have her on the skating floor. We used to go skating at a rink in Portland, but we were allowed to skate with her in her stroller there so it worked out pretty well.

On Saturday before Duke City Derby's big bout at the convention center we picked up some little plastic adjustable skates for her. She'll be a pro in no time.



  1. I love the pictures! The "Lil Roller Babe" LOL


  2. That second picture is impossibly cute!!

    I also really like your blog hamster :P

  3. Oh wow, she is sooo cute! Looks like fun!

  4. Hey Erica, Autumn is so adorable, she looks so determined, I bet she will be an awesome roller derby girl like her Mom :)

    Nice spotting on your Caustic Shirt!

    Have a wonderful weekend, T. :)