Friday, December 4, 2009

Manly Soap

Amber? Vanilla? Sandalwood? Currants? These are some pretty typical scents for masculine targeted soaps. But in my opinion they just don’t hack it. Now Pine Tar - that is a manly smell! I just received some Pine Tar and Goat Milk soap from and it is some excellent stuff!

Throw some pumice or coffee grounds or ground up avocado bits in there and you should be able to scrub off whatever got stuck on you while working in the shop.

If you want a more complex smell, toss in some peppermint, tea tree oil, black pepper, or maybe juniper or black walnut. I had some juniper soap that I just loved, but finally ran out of that. There is just something special about a soap that comes in BLACK. Anyway, none of this sweet or fruit or vanilla stuff. If you are a musk fan that might work too but I am definitely not.

I haven’t seen any burned metal, axle grease, or horse sweat soaps yet, but that would be about the only way to get a more masculine soap than Pine Tar.

Anyway, that is my opinion.