Saturday, December 5, 2009

Great Gifts, and why customer service is SO important

Between Autumns birthday and Christmas I have made quite a few purchases on etsy. I would like to start sharing them with you, one shop at a time.

Adams birthday in august I had an unfortunate experience. I purchased a few items and the items from one of the sellers never came. After trying to contact them several times I finally got a convo a few days after Adams birthday that the items had shipped. The next day I went to leave feedback for the wonderful items I received from two other sellers and I noticed that I had no place to leave feedback! The seller had cancelled my order! I contacted etsy right away and got my money back from the seller... but I was REALLY UNHAPPY with that transaction. These orders for Adams birthday were the first I had ever made on etsy, and if this order had been the only one I would not be likely to buy anything off of etsy again. Obviously everyone on etsy gets to run thier shop pretty much as they like, as long as it meets the general guidelines that etsy sets forth- and the transaction described clearly does not-but how you run your store is a reflection of the ENTIRE etsy community- besides, most things in life are more fun when you do them with a smile on your face. I DO NOT RECOMMEND purchasing anything from especially if you have any interest in receiving your items in a timely manner.

I HAD AN EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE at the other two stores I ordered from, and I loved so much that I will probably return to them for some Christmas shopping.

This is what I ordered for Adam:

I ordered it in natural. This shirt is awesome. I don't screen print- though I want to learn- but I am pretty sure the printing was very good quality. They also use special water based eco-friendly ink, and it is wonderful. It is softer than other ink, but we have had the shirt since August- and Adam wears it A LOT-but there is no fading or deterioration of the print. They use organic cotton American Apparel t-shirts. They are SOOOO Soft. That matters even to a wife, as I would rather cuddle with Adam when he is wearing a soft shirt than a thick scratchy one! From what I can tell they are not currently offering THIS shirt, but they are offering many other great designs!

Here are a few of their current designs:

I LOVE THIS SHOP, and highly recommend them for your holiday purchases- especially since it can be so hard to shop for men on etsy, making it hard to do a handmade Christmas, and they have some really fantastic shirts. I am sure they have something for almost everyone.

ok then,

Have a fun Saturday.



  1. hey Erika...thanks for the info...sorry to hear you had a bad Etsy seller you know 99.9% of Etsians are fabulous

  2. Thanks for the tip. That's such a shame when that kind of thing happens. =/

  3. Of course! I love etsy! We are doing all of our shopping on etsy this year.