Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Last week we did something new and very fun, we too autumn to her first pixie class at the place that was once roller king. She is the one in the green shirt sitting OUTSIDE the big circle. I am pretty sure that at barely two she was the youngest one there, and I was surprised at how well behaved she was. She had a lot of fun and I plan to bike her up there tomorrow for the pixie class.

This weekend was very eventful, on Friday Adam's mom came into town via train, which sounds like a great treat. My brother was also in town from Las Cruses so it was really a big treat for me to be able to see him. We all went out to dinner Friday.

On Saturday we almost went to Old Town because Adam and I both enjoy it and thought his mom would enjoy it but she said she would rather go to the zoo after sleeping on it. I am very glad she stated an opinion because there are few things more annoying than a guest that isn't enjoying themselves or cant tell you what they want when you ask them. The Zoo was fun, and we got through about half of it before Autumn got tired and we were ready for lunch.

After that we went to the Tram to take it up Sandia Crest but it was closed for annual maintenance. Isn't that amazing? it closes once a year and it happens to be closed now. We ended up driving up to the top instead, and got there right around sunset. It was freezing and we headed back down the mountain. Before we got to the bottom I had a miserable cold, which I have since recovered from, and Autumn is now ailed with.

Sunday November 14th was Autumns second birthday. Last year we threw a huge party, but we kept things a little simpler this year. We ordered a pizza and some salads from dions and the grandparents came to out house. There was a huge social gaffe committed by a grandparent and it took a second for me to pick my jaw up off the floor. I only know what Adam thought about it because I didn't ask anyone else about it, and actually I think HE brought it up to me. I was glad that everyone at least appeared unaffected by it because it could have potentially elevated to a very unpleasant situation. Maybe I am too American or something. I know there are many other countries that are more open about some things, but I was very upset by it.

meh, family. You cant live with them, and thank god that as Adults we don't have to, but life would be far more dreary without them.

Autumn had fun either way, and she got lots of fun presents from Adam and I and the grandparents.

Mary, Adams mom, went home on Tuesday. I hope she enjoyed the train home as much as she enjoyed the train trip here.

and this is the new screen I burned this week, a Dinosaur. It is oddly unisex. It is blue, but the dino has flowers and hearts.

and I bought these super cute and cozy arm warmers from my friend Tracy at .

See you all later, I hope to post sooner than later, but I will be back next Wednesday if not sooner.



  1. Happy belated Birthday to Autumn. She is precious!

    Love the fingerless gloves too!


  2. Glad Autumn had a lovely B.Day and to spend time with her Grand parents doting on her, what fun.

    I absolutely loved the twos, it was always the Terrible 3's for me.

    Have a lovely day, sounds like you are crazy busy but a good busy. :) T.

  3. Aww Autumn is so cute! Hope you had an awesome time!

    Love from

  4. What a fun visit! Autumn is adorable!