Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We had a fun and busy weekend around here, which is usual. I was hoping to have pictures of autumn in her costume to share with you all, but, I dont. The only pictures we took were on Adams new fancy smart phone. I played in the duke city derby championship bout on Saturday. My team lost but I felt like I played really well and I had a lot of fun.
On Sunday I fit the last girl for the damas dresses I am making. She was about a half an hour late, after not showing up at all for the scheduled fitting. I am not annoyed with the girl of corse, it is not her fault, it was her mother that caused her to be late and also to not show up for the scheduled fitting but it really bothers me that she wasted my time like that. I am already offering these girls a STEAL as a gift for my old co-workers daughter, so I am annoyed that she was so disrespectful of my time. After that we took Autumn trick or treating and that was soooo much fun! she was so cute! I will get some pictures soon!

Autumns birthday is coming up, here are some great handmade items that are inspired by autumns birthday:

ok, hopefully I will have something good to write about later this week!

take care!


  1. Well, you KNOW I am lookign for Halloween pictures here!

    And let me know when Autumn's brithday is :-)


  2. It seems every one thinks their time is more important than your time. I see it every time I get behind the wheel. What happened to common courtesy? You're a good girl for being so generous with your services and being tolerant :) Karma... think Karma.