Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just a Quick note...

I hope everyone had an excellent mothers day! I did! I was going to talk to you all about my mothers day, but the pictures didn't upload and then I had to leave for work.

So, I am not really sure want to write about.

Hmmm... I received some new screens in the mail on Saturday. I really LOVE PhotoEZ screen printing paper. It is fast and easy. I have already used up 7 of the 10 new screens I bought, so I am already ready to buy more. It seems like Ideas have been unlimited lately and I really wish I had the time and the funds to make even more! I am so glad I started this new hobby.

I really think I could quit my day job if I wanted to and make as much as I am working part time. Not that I am doing REALLY well but I am definitely doing OK in both stores. Of course it is nice for Autumn and I to get out of the house every day, and I like being able to see my dad every day, too.

I have been thinking about printing on things as wall art to put in acrylic and steel but I have not had a chance to yet, and i am not sure if anyone would be interested in that sort of a thing.
I am putting together a color feature for tomorrow or Thursday. If you have any green or pink items, or green and pink items or happen to see any really great green and pink items please post them in the comments or send me an email and I will try to include them in my feature.

Ok, I hope everyone is doing well, I miss being able to read every ones blogs every day, but I want you all to know you are in my thoughts.


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