Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Island of Dolls.

Have you ever heard of this place? It is in Mexico, and I kind of want to see it.

Yes, it is TOTALLY CREEPY... but there is part of me that is drawn to creepy, which you may remember from Adam's post about the Horror-Movie-Style meat cleaver he made me for mothers day.

I read about this place in a wonderful book I have about mixed media assemblage art entitled Dusty Diablos by Michael Demming. This perticular book focuses on Folklore. As someone from Albuqeruque I have heard several versions of La Llorona, a folk tale about a widdow who drownds her children after the man she wants to marry rejects her for having them. She is said to Walk the rivers looking for her own children and children must be careful at night or she may mistake them for her own offspring. In albuquerque we have big concrete ditches that run through town and a version of this story was used to prevent children from playing in the ditches. When the artist was working on his piece that was inspired by the La Llorona Tale he stumbled across information on The Isla de Munecas (island of dolls).
The story of the place is that a young girl drowned on the island in the 20's and since then the owner of the island has been collecting dolls to keep the child happy.
Have a Great day!


  1. I love hearing local folklore, even though it's not local to me. Great post Erica. I do find the dolls strangely intriguing too.

    a meat cleaver? really?

  2. That is seriously creepy, and pretty awesome. Something I'd definitely drop in and see if I were ever down that way.


  3. That is seriously creepy, but very awesome. Definitely the kind of place I'd drop into if I were ever down that way.


  4. I'd never heard of it before.

    Interestingly strange :-) I would visit it!

  5. I think I saw something like this on an Anthony Bourdain show! He likes creepy things too!

    Have a great day, T. :)

  6. I love stories like that - I also love dirty, damaged dolls. Actually, the new dolls that kinda creep my out. In high school, one of my friends had an old doll's head stuck on her gear shifter. It was all black, cracked and burned up. Everytime I see an old doll I think of crusing around in my friend's car.

  7. Okay, I'm HUGE into horror and creepy, but I. Hate. Dolls >.<
    I don't know what it is; I can watch Freddy terrorize, Michael slice and Jason hack, but when it comes to dolls, I'll spend a sleepless night wondering if they're coming to get me! LOL