Monday, March 8, 2010

Team Etsy Bloggers: Spring has sprung!

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Happy Spring! What a fun season!As much as I love winter, I love watching the world come back to life in the spring!

The weather in Albuquerque has been really Divine, warm but not yet hot. I just love it. It makes my daily bike ride really pleasant!

Here is a little preview of a few items I have to celebrate the season:


This pretty little bag is made primarily of an up cycled wool sweater that I felted , it is a lovely purple heather

I had some alencon lace scraps from a recent bridal project and it made a nice accent on this piece. I also really dig the electric blue contrast stitching.

And of course the reason it is called "April Showers Clutch" is because it has this adorable Japanese umbrella print fabric lining the inside of the clutch and also as the handle.

And of course spring showers bring may Flowers, another new creation is this lovely fascinater. I made one for myself also, and if you look into my previous posts you may find me wearing a similar hair piece.

I made several of these as an experiment for another project, and I didn't like how they looked with the other project, but I think they are too cute as hair accessories.

It is made of marabou stork feather wisps, the rose petals that you find in the bridal section at craft stores, pearlecent beads, Swarovski crystal, tulle, and a rhinestone in the center. The back is a barrette.

I am probably going to put these directly into my new store so I am not sure when they will get listed, because I am not ready to get going on my new store yet, I have to make a banner and an avatar and some other things- but really all of that does not take too long. I want to eventually move all of the clothing and accessories items out of my Acrylic and Steel store and move it in to my Caustic Threads store which will be opening within a few weeks, and since spring is a time for new beginnings, it is a great time to open a new store. Then Acrylic and Steel will go back to our original vision of being Adams knives and my art. I guess it is as close as I get to spring cleaning!



  1. I love the hairpiece and purple clutch! And the umbrella fabric is just perfect!

  2. I wrote a post but I'm not sure if it went through so I'll that clutch both inside and out. I think it's great! I also love that hairpiece as it reminds me of Spring....COME ON Spring!

  3. Love the umbrella fabric :)

    Nice hair piece, isn't it great that spring is nearly here :)

    Have a great day, T.

  4. Lovely hairpiece - and clutch. The wedding gown you made is gorgeous.
    Spring - we did have a few really nice days but hang on I think the next few days are going to be cold and maybe snowy! But, then I think Alb will be it's wonderful sunny self again! I hope!

  5. Nothing says 'spring' like a sweet little bag filled with umbrellas! Love it!

  6. Yay for spring :) Nice work--the little clutch is so cute! Congrats on opening a 2nd shop.

  7. These are very pretty items!

    (Do you ride a road bike? [I do!] every day? lucky you!)