Thursday, March 18, 2010

Its just thursday

Thank you so much for being so sweet, and...

for putting me in this awesome treasury! Please check it out:

I have also been concentrating most of my writing efforts lately on my "oh the stories you'll tell" online class. It is being taught and hosted by the wonderful Natasha of who is sweet, encouraging, positive and a myriad of wonderful. The class was an excellent price, almost to the point that I feel guilty not spending more on it, but I wouldn't have been able to afford it if it had cost more so I will be thankful for small favors and hope that Natasha is getting as much out of the experience as I am. I have seen some amazing writing, there are so many very interesting people involved! This week we are doing more with photography so I am excited to see the visuals everyone brings into the classroom.

Here is one of my projects from last week:

"The Crack"

As many times as I have gone up industrial, I am sure I had seen it before. My thighs were throbbing as I went up that hill and it struck me long enough to distract me from the burning muscle sensation that I might describe as pain, if I hadn’t been doing it long enough to almost enjoy it.

Like varicose veins or a crackle treatment on pottery it was imperfect and enticing. I was reminded of my love of spalted maple, or marble. I was taken to the skeletons of vines up a wall in winter intertwining and spreading, with no leaves to hide the fascinating structure. A web cracked it’s way down the man made surface the way ice shatters with a sturdy blow. Proof that the lungs of the earth can not be constrained by asphalt I realized I was captivated by a crack in the road.

And finally, just for fun, this is a picture of Autumn playing dress up. She is wearing a brocade coat, pirate bib, red and white tutu, floral hat, and holding a princess light saber. The game went something like this : autumn handed me an item from her dresser, and I put it on her. Repeat until there was not really any way to put on more clothing. Autumn looks so silly, but too cute!


  1. What a fun game :) She looks adorable :)

    What fun to do an online writing class.

    I tried to leave a comment on the Treasury and there was no more room for comments, don't think I have seen that before :) T.
    (congrats BTW)

  2. Congrats on the treasury! I like your writing piece--some really great imagery :) Autumn looks so cute ha. The pirate bib is just perfect!

  3. I love Autumn's princess lightsaber :)

  4. You have really been busy this week! Congrats on the treasury and best of luck with your online class! Fantastic photo - what a doll!

  5. OMG!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sweet words but truly you inspire me! I am so honored to have you in class...for all that I have shared with you, you have enriched my life. Thank you for being YOU and being in it!!! I'm SOOO glad you joined. Your work is incredible - truly - so it's been my pleasure and honor to be able to read it!!

    GO YOU being in a cool treasury!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I wish for you to be in tons more!!!!

    And Autumn is just about the cutest munchkin... I love her princess light saber - my little one just watched Star Wars and now all she wants to do is battle light sabers LOL..wait till I show her this princess one!!