Friday, March 19, 2010

Fashion Friday: Fashion before function.

That used to be my motto. Seriously. It was more important for me to look good than to be comfortable, or even able to move. I know that is very silly, and I have managed to get over that after having a baby, getting fat, and finding my time far too valuable to spend quite as much of it primping.

I thought I would share some Awesome etsy finds that are as fashionable as they are functional. Click on the picture to go to the listing.

"Yoga" pants are a must in my life. I work out incessantly, and aside from that, as a mommy I am always on the run. It's always is nice if my workout gear is cute, in addition to comfortable. These awesome pants are from RedBootsDesign . They also have lots of great T-shirts. Obviously one can never have enough of those...

This one is truly beautiful! I love the contrast surged stitching detail up the front. It is made of organic bamboo jersey so it is flexible, soft, and in addition to that it is totally unique! It is from MysterySchool . This store has lots of great clothing AND is committed to providing cute things made of sustainable materials.

I also used to torture myself by wearing high heels... EVERYWHERE. Seriously, I have a picture of myself hiking in the sandia mountains wearing heels. It was taken by Adams Dad, or probably by Ann, his dad's partner. At some point during my pregnancy it was far too uncomfortable to wear heels, not to mention, I was so swollen most of my shoes didn't fit. Even though I liked the lift of heels, as I am a tad short at 5'2", I never went back to wearing heals.

So, a great pair of flats is always a must. These shoes are actually hand made, not just embellished. That is amazing. They are from netamir.

Designers often forget that clothing is supposed to look good and be functional. Maybe not to the extend of making a person highly mobile if they need to be active, but I have read about designers who claim they don't put any consideration to the fact that they are dressing real people. I love things to be eccentric and showy, but you can do that and still make something beautiful and flattering.

Have a great weekend everyone!




  1. Oh what great finds!
    The yoga pants are just gorgeous-I REALLY need to start finding time to practice >.<
    I was never one who was obsessed with looks over comfort, but I have a sister who is like that so I kind of understand.

  2. great finds I to am a yoga pants junky :) I love that blouse to.

  3. Good picks! I need to get some yoga pants for sure. They looks so cozy--although I'm sure I'd be tempted to wear them any old time :) Love the koi on that pair!

  4. Those yoga pants are awesome! I'm a total gym rat and a SAH mom, so I live in my yoga clothes. Up until recently, I've only worn the cheap stuff -- which I HATE. Buy my mom bought me a gorgeous Hard Tail set for my birthday. I'm never going back to Target for my workout clothes again. I'm hooked on the good stuff:D