Friday, September 18, 2009

This week has been eventful.

Last Friday we had a roller derby game in Kansas City and my husband, baby, a team mate and I were planing on driving, and ultimately DID drive. That was a terrible idea. Next time I need to go to Kansas I am getting a hot air balloon a la Wizard of Oz or i am flying in an airplane. I left work at five and at about five thirty, right around when I ride my bike and baby trailer up the driveway I got a call from Adam to notify me that his car- an old Subaru- was not running...probably because it ran out of oil...

Fortunately he made it to his exit and then back up to my dads shop, where I met him after getting the go-ahead to borrow one of my dads business trucks for the trip. We drove through the night, and I only got about 3 hours of sleep. My team lost the game, but my postpartum performance is not what it used to be and I don't get played enough to have a huge impact on the score

My baby also learned to crawl out of her walker. Fortunately she knows how to do it without hurting herself. She also can move the barricades I put up to keep her in the room I am working in, and likes to climb UP anything the can hold on to. Also, according to my dad: She *may* have taken steps. WE will REALLY have to watch her now.

I also got responses from two bids I placed for wedding dresses. Here are two of the sketches I did not put up in the last post.

This one is for the woman who wanted the petal hem. She wanted it to be less intricate, which will be less fun for me, but it also means I will get closer to actually paying myself for my time.

This one is for the other woman. I really love it but it will take a lot of time. I will be able to cover cost of materials but not pay myself for my time, which is fine right now since I am trying to build my portfolio.

I hope I get one of these bids.

In other news it has been raining here... A LOT, which is nice, but very strange for Albuquerque. We also went to the state fair today, which was fun. As I looked at the art in the fine art building I thought I should have entered some pieces- as I usually do around this time. Too Bad I don't ever think about it in time to actually enter anything.

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