Tuesday, February 23, 2010

PhotoEZ Screen Printing Kit!

I have wanted to learn how to screen print for a long time, but have been pretty nervous about the whole thing. I wanted something that seemed fool proof, I didn't want to mess with making frames and I didn't really want to mess with the chemicals either. I also had a very unusual fear of printing transparencies on my home printer- which was dumb, because it is REALLY easy as long as you get the right transparency paper. I looked into getting a Yudu, which was expensive but looked easy. Before I committed to buying a Yudu I looked around a little and that is when I found this PhotoEZ starter kit for about $100 including 5 sheets of the screen paper 6 colors of printing ink and everything you need to get started. I read the reviews and was SOLD. The kit does not have the exposure light that the Yudu has but in sunny New Mexico that is not a problem.

This is a burned stencil. I am keeping them in protective plastic sheets in a binder. I like that they are so easy to store and take up no space at all. The stuff was also really easy to use! Have made 8 stencils now and only made a mistake with one of them (I under exposed it, and I have to admit, I was not paying much attention to how long it was out in the sun)

I used some muslin to test the stencils before printing them on something more expensive. It worked very well and it gave me a pretty good idea of how to pull the ink across the stencils. Fabric ink like this has to be heat set, so I washed the muslin, expecting all of the ink to wash out. I was surprised when it didn't, but it created a really cool effect so I will probably save the muslin with the faded images for ... I don't know... something.

I was really impressed with how EASY it was, and was amazed by the detail I got from my images. These shirts will probably be going in my "new" store, Caustic Threads. I have 5 printed that I am happy with.

This shirt says "If god had intended us to walk he would not have invented roller skates"

This is made from a popular piece of art of mine. I love how it turned out.

I am not really sure how to take pictures of shirts yet though. I will have to work with it a little. Maybe if I use a sheet or something I will be happier because the background wont look so distracting.

Anyway, anyone interested in getting started screen printing should TOTALLY check this stuff out. It is as easy as they say, and I love the results!

I have a few more items on my "workbench" right now, but I Will share those with you all later! Have a great day!



  1. These look great! Thank you for sharing, and good luck with your future screen printing :D

  2. i love the fact that nowadays, we really CAN do things on our own. you don't have to be a specialty seamstress or tap into a publisher to get things done. your heart and octopus tees are splendid!

  3. What a cool kit! I love the heart and of course the skating shirt :) I'd love to try this out someday...

  4. Those all came out beautifully! I especially like the roller skate one.

  5. those are awesome. i actually did buy a yudu. came home. opened the box. felt overwhelmed. returned it the next day.


    glad you found a good product for less than the yudu price!

  6. I LOVE the heart tee. They all turned out amazing!

  7. Those are incredible!! Seriously, they really did turn out amazingly :)
    I'm SO checking out that new shop of yours-Maybe a new feature is in order?!

  8. Nice information, I really appreciate the way you presented.

  9. Hi..very nice, pat yourself on the back..
    Question pls. I sew with 2way stretch in your opinion do you think this product would be a good fit?
    I've wanted to print on some of my homemade garments for a long time but affording it is or was another story...
    Any advise would be helpful..Tks.