Wednesday, January 27, 2010


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I am giving away this bones red roller skate bearing necklace. It is reversible. I used these bearings in my roller derby skates.

We can also make custom versions of these. I have two of them and I wear one or the other almost every day! I love them!

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Also, I finally went to the DR to talk about my stomach. I have been in a lot of pain every time I eat and throwing up about once a day. I thought it was ulcers because I have had problems with them in the past and it feels very similar. The Dr. I saw yesterday is leaning towards gall bladder stones. I will have an ultrasound tomorrow morning to look for those. He also gave me a prescription for Prilosec for the ulcers and another one for if it is my gall bladder. The one for the gall stones I take with every meal to prevent pain, and so far it has really worked! I have been on a very low fat diet, but I have to cut back even more until we find out if it is gall stones.

Other than that I am doing very well, Autumn is adorable, as always and Adam is wonderful, as always!

Have a good day!


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  1. Oh yes! I already signed up. Love love love those bearing necklaces :)