Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Feature: Samantha from Gilded Rose Studio

This week I am very delighted to be able to share the work of another Rollergirl! It is also very interesting how similar we are. We both do some tattoo inspired work, both are mommies, both play roller derby, and both love to juxtapose contrasting ideas and themes.

I have placed an order with Samantha, I am very excited about it! Please visit her store: Gilded Rose Studio

Tattoo Rose Onesie

Tell me about your store.
Well! I had started out designing Roller Derby-themed Onesies...with clever baby-related Derby Names. Created the Old School way...with stencil and fabric paint. I still think the names are great, but I was not entirely happy with the finished product. So, I can see why they never sold. I don't consider it a complete opened me up to other ideas. Traditional Tattoos on babies! So complete polar opposites, but totally cute-able when you add hand-embroidery. And I didn't even know how to embroider. Go figure :)

"MOM" Tattoo Onesie

How would you describe your style?

I used to have oodles of style. Coming out of the seams...that's how much style I had! Now I have a baby. I don't feel I need to elaborate any further. In my mind, reminiscing on my "old life", it was a mix of preppy, classic and envelope-pushing. Back in the day when I worked in corporate finance, I would wear all sorts of interesting outfits. A knit royal purple printed shift dress with knee high brown heeled boots, complete with my favorite Forever 21 junk jewelry. I loved mixing up the expensive stuff with the cheap stuff. (but you had to be selective when it came to the cheap stuff otherwise it doesn't work!) One of my favorite flirty outfits was this black and white mini polka dot cap-sleeve dress, sheer button up over a slip from H&M, black leather vintage-style Coach shoes with teardrop cut-outs over the toes (the only kind of Coach anything I will wear) and bright red lipstick. I'm constantly inspired by pin-ups. I don't try to dress like an exact replica of them, but I will channel their style (if I can!) ::sigh:: Those were the days.

Samantha and Her Daughter

What inspires you?
It may not be blatantly obvious in my creations, but my surroundings in the mountains inspire me a great deal. They remind me to keep things simple, use pops of color when it calls for it. Not to over-embellish. I suppose that might be how one would describe traditional tattooing. I love contrast, the use of opposites. I use backdrops highlighting my natural surroundings in my pictures. My newest favorite backdrop is the meticulous way my husband stacked one of our woodpiles for winter.

Summer Mountain View

Do you sell in other venues? Yes! I have a collection featured at Mother & Child in Nashua, NH as well as a collection at Live Wire in Westerly, RI. I'm working on my website right now, it will be a process! I'm currently gearing up for Fall Craft Fairs in the New England region.

What networking do you do that you feel helps your business? Person-to-person and word of mouth will always trump anything online. But promoting on Facebook, no matter how annoying it must seem to my friends and family because the only updates they see from me are pictures of embroidered baby onesies, seems to draw in a good deal of views and word of mouth sales. I discovered the Business Forums about 2-3 weeks slimy as it sounds, showing my face on that forum (not even for selfish reasons!) appears to be working for me as well.

-Just a side note, I found Samantha's shop in the forums :) -

Mermaid Tea Towel

Share one random fact about yourself… or more if you wish.
I like tuna fish sandwiches. But I cannot eat chicken salad, even though they are the same consistency. Speaking of food...sometimes, when I'm standing up and snacking, I will do a little happy-dance-kick a la "A Chorus Line".

What is your workspace like? It is CRAZY! I had taken over my husband's drawing table because he wasn't using it, but I have recently been kicked off the drawing table because (I feel) my husband doesn't want to share. I now operate out of my handy storage container and embroider wherever it's comfortable. I also will embroider standing up on occasion...I sit far too much than I would like to admit due to creating for my store! I'm still thinking of a better "home" for my little operation.

Winter Sunset

Thanks to Samantha for letting me do a feature on her store and sharing awesome photos! please visit her shop!


Have a great Weekend!


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