Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Autumns Birthday Party was sooooo much fun!

I probably should have written this a week ago, but... I didn't.

Autumns birthday was a lot of fun! There was a point when I was worried that if anyone else arrived they would not fit in our house. There was plenty of food, but not too much- which is good- because the food was all so fattening that I didn't want those leftovers in the house!

This is Autumn and grandpa Howard opening a present.

Autumn in captivity while we prepared the house for guests!

Botulism and Bar Fight being silly for Autumn's Amusement.

Autumn opening her VERY FIRST present! Yes, it was wrapped in a Victoria's Secret bag... gotta love derby girls!

mmmm.... cupcake...


oooooh... cupcake sooooooo good.... that is why Autumn has that forlorn look on her face... she knew she could not have her cupcake and eat it too.

Autumn in the morning on her BDAY.

Autumn driving her first car... the Pooh-mobile :)

The party started at about two and autumn went to bed about seven thirty. My friend Francis (who happens to be Mexican) asked when he was on his way "So is this like just a birthday party or a crazy mexican birthday party that goes on for five hours after the birthday girl has gone to bed? "

Yes. It was one of those.

Autumn recieved lots of wonderful preasents. Her toy stash tripled I think.

Thank you to everyone who came! We had an excellent time!