Monday, June 8, 2009

Pictures of Autumn

Autumn is walking... like a cat. Silly little cutie.

Autumn is a future roller girl, no doubt! The first picture she is checking out my skates, and in the second picture she is trying on daddy's new helmet. Adam Also got new skates and will be reffing when he gets back to Albuquerque. I LOVE DUKE CITY DERBY! Also, the cute headband that autumn is wearing is available in our store Autumn is an excellent model.

Aren't autumns little teeth amazingly cute? I made the hat that she is wearing as a gift for someone.

Autumn loves her Paddington Bear Mobile. She looks like she is going to be blond, at least in the early years.

Autumn is modeling a bag for mommy. She looks so sophisticated. This cute outfit is from Grandma Ginny. This bag is in our etsy store.

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